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Hard Hat tour from New York

The Hard Hat – Ellis Island Ticket includes a round trip on the ferry with access to both Liberty and Ellis Island.

  • A complimentary audio tour is available in several languages for each of the islands.
  • On Ellis Island you will be granted access to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and an exclusive 90 minute tour of the Ellis Island Hospital.
  • The massive hospital comprised of 750 beds was considered state of the art at the time, and is now filled with artworks known as the “Unframed – Ellis Island” exhibition.
  • There is an age restriction of 13 years for this tour, which includes a tour of the mortuary and autopsy rooms, as well as the contagious and infectious disease wards.
  • It is recommended to book your tour in advance to avoid long queues and to schedule your visit for the morning, so as to allow time for a thorough exploration of both islands as well as the 90 minute tour.